About Us


UA Florida is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in South Florida, founded in April 2022. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, UA Florida has been organizing peaceful rallies and Ukrainian cultural events aimed at raising awareness about the war in Ukraine and raising money for various social projects to help Ukrainians.

The organization has three main focus areas:

Advocacy & Community Outreach

Raising awareness about the ongoing war in Ukraine and the challenges faced by Ukrainian war refugees. Our team strives to achieve this by organizing rallies, signing thousands of petitions, and recognizing "Ukrainian Independence Day" through a proclamation from the City of West Palm Beach. In addition, we are working on creating partnerships with local organizations such as the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County (JCRC), Interfaith Justice League, and the Democratic Progressive Caucus Palm Beach County.


Cultural Exchange, Community Engagement & Empowerment

Promoting Ukrainian culture and heritage is crucial for our mission. We’ve organized the "Independence 4 Ukraine" festival with food, art collections, handmade crafts, and a concert featuring Ukrainian artists. We also hosted painting workshops, art exhibitions, and film screenings to raise awareness about Ukraine's rich history and traditions. Our goal is to strengthen bonds that unite Ukrainian and American communities in а collaborative effort.


Assistance & Support to Ukrainian Children in Need

Projects to help Ukrainian children through partnerships: